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What to do while staying in the area
The area along the David Thompson corridor (Hwy 11) and adjacent National Parks lends itself to a multitude of low impact outdoor activities. If sitting on a deck / patio and reading a book is not your idea of a relaxing holiday, there are many things you can do.
Ford a river on a hot summer day (caution advised!) and leave the crowds behind.
Hit the trail to this lesser known but spectacular glacier view at the source of our river.
Climb up to a mountain pass for one of those spectacular birds eye views of our Rockies.
Don a pair of versatile snowshoes and venture out into this winter mountain magic.
Year round activities:
explore our valley, make excursions into the National Parks, photograph, observe wildlife and nature, go hiking or rock climbing and marvel at the variety and abundance of nature.
Summer season: in addition to the above, go cycling or mountain biking, kayak or canoe, explore our canyons and waterfalls, scramble up one of the many ridges for a birds eye view, enjoy a trail ride, join a walking tour on Athabasca Glacier, visit the historic coal mine site in Nordegg, delight in our varied flora, or try your luck at fishing our lakes and streams.
Winter season:
marvel at the bubbles in the ice of Abraham Lake, strap on your snowshoes, go X-country skiing or try yourself at ice-climbing. If you are unfamiliar with ice safety and winter outdoor activities, consider going with a local guide.
Winter is also the best time of year for stargazing, as we have zero light pollution.
For those who love mountains and nature, like to hike and prefer to stay further from the often crowded tourist towns in the Parks, it is easy to spend an entire week at Aurum Lodge and do something different every day.
Here's what your itinerary might include on a longer stay in summer (remember our favourable rates on extended stays):
- A day hike in the Kootenay Plains, Siffleur or Cline River areas to get acquainted with the region.
- A naturalist guided tour on the Athabasca Glacier or a self-guided hike above tree line in that area.
- A day trip towards Bow Pass, either including a longer hike or multiple shorter walks.
- A visit to Crescent Falls and Bighorn Canyon, followed by lunch at the Miners Cafe and a tour of the historic mine site in Nordegg.
- A half day trail ride near the lodge and some relaxing time on the lake shore.
- A scramble up one of the many ridges in the valley, affording spectacular views of the North Saskatchewan River and / or Abraham Lake and surroundings.
All of the above are within 5-60 minutes drive from the lodge. You can also take longer day trips by car towards Lake Louise, Yoho Park, Kootenay Park, Jasper area or along the forestry trunk road in the foothills. Whether it is just for sightseeing or to get to a trail head, the scenery is always stunning, you may observe some wildlife along the way, attractions are many, and there is no shortage of superb hikes.
Unfortunately, there is no other way to get to and around this area without a car. However, as an eco-lodge, we do ask our guests not to engage in motorized and polluting recreational activities such as off-roading, snowmobiling and heli-touring.